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Ways to tether your scarf this spring and summer by adorning your hair!

Posted by JULIE 25/02/2019 0 Comment(s)

Scarves, scarves and turpans have returned dynamically to fashion. Logically, you've already seen girls and women with scarves and scarves in the hair. If you have envied them, then the ten ideas below are "tame" for your case. Here are ten different, impressive ways to tie a scarf to your hair this spring and summer!

African style
Before wearing the scarf, grab your hair in a loose but tall bun. Wrap around the scarf so that the knot is in front. Turn the tips of the handkerchief and lock them and you are ready.

Like a ribbon
It fits in all summer situations and to all women. Fold it in two if it is too wide, wrap it around your hair wreath and tie it to a simple knot at the base of the neck or on the side.

Knot in front
With a few discreet accessories and a stylish scarf, you can reach ... professional levels.

Tighten the bow
If you feel bold enough, tie your scarf to a retro bow on the side.

It's like your grandmother
If you want to "end" the retro, this is your solution: simply tie it loosely under the neck.

Perhaps the easiest and most stylish way to tie your scarf: just treat it like a hair towel after bathing.

Knit it
Marry the braid with your scarf and make an impression on the beaches (and not only).

Make your hair look like your nobility (and put them a colored scarf)