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The 9 men's fashion rules you can "break"

Posted by JULIE 18/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

Surely, as we grow older, we revolt less with our style and choices. While in the student years you woke up at noon and you made the super and revolutionary wool before you go out somewhere for coffee, you now drink your morning coffee and get ready for the job. In your job the extreme haircuts can be forbidden, but you can make some combinations in the clothes that break the fashion rules but they are in the dress code they require.

In this context, making your outfit consistent with what you want to see in the mirror can break some rules, so you will express yourself and show your style and body. The fashion rules that you will "break" have to do with the timeless "must" for dressing that generations and generations of men have followed faithfully for decades.

Fashion rules you can "break"

Navy blue and black















The two colors are wonderful but we rarely saw them together in an outfit. Because both dark colors were not blended together because one was "competing" with each other. The trick to wear them together is to pick up pieces that will appear together, such as a jeans or navy blue trousers with black jackets and white athletes.

Brown and black















For undetermined reasons the brown color tends to disappear from the man's dress and especially from the shoes. The brown color gives an overture. The old was the main choice of men as it is today black. And because black and coffee are usually a ban on their own, there is the possibility of breaking the rule and dressing more formally by combining both colors.

Sports shoes














In recent years, fashion rules have changed in sports shoes and we see them not only in casual dresses but also in sleeker. Casual and athletic outfits are made for our comfort, so you can combine them in many ways.

Tie and casual dressing















The rule of the tie is to always go with a suit. Of course there is an outfit that you can do and impress without a suit, but with a more casual look to which the tie will make a difference.

White pants














To exclude a color from the choices in your clothes because it does not allow for the different fashion rules we are used to is wrong. Even in the months before and after the summer you can make perfect combinations by wearing white pants and pulling your eyes of admiration.















Old sweats were necessary in your everyday life either as a student and athlete, or as a student. Sports clothes are generally the most comfortable but you do not have to exclude them now. You can make even more beautiful outfits with sweatshirts, even for the office.

The accessories














While for women it is a must, for men the many accessories are unnecessary according to fashion rules. Sometimes your own style highlights aspects of your personality by wearing men's bracelets. You can combine your stylish watch with various bracelets of your choice.

The white socks















Though they do not go with all the styles, white socks need not be banned from your wardrobe. Definitely do not go with a suit or shorts but you can make a beautiful casual look with jeans or white pants.

T-shirts in suit











In the last decade, we see the rule "wearing only a shirt". So you can wear a t-shirt instead of a shirt in a suit. The combination makes a wonderful style that is suitable for many occasions, outings and office.