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The jewels for the summer of 2018 were never more elegant

Posted by JULIE 19/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

Every week we talk about a new and very impressive trend in jewelry.

And the truth is that valuable accessories can transform a set and upgrade your style. Especially in the warmer months when clothes layers are fewer jewelry must be more.

We are changing the season and we have the most playful mood. We're changing our style without that much cost.

In contrast, jewels for the summer of 2018 are more affordable.

Whether you love the big earrings statement or you prefer to play with many different rings and bracelets, the options are really many.

In order not to be looking, we've created a list of the biggest trends in jewelery for the summer of 2018.

Color, shine, transparency, beautiful details and fun elements are all the features that make up the style of the season and take off.

The style of lobes, wrists, fingers and décolleté was never more elegant and summer.

These are the basic trends you need to know to be prepared.

Summer Loading ...

The statements hoops

The gold rings of the '90s came back last year and take their revenge. This pattern is hot. This year's hoops can be found in many bold colors and materials from beads to pearls to resin and even further.