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Top Trends in Accessories for Spring / Summer 2018

Posted by JULIE 21/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

Accessories are a way to complete and take off a set in the best possible way. They add color, shine and style to everyday or formal dressing. But what are the top trends in Spring / Summer 2018 accessories and how can they be worn?

Check out the jewelry lists and other accessories that follow and combine your stylish and stylish clothes by adding a little detail that will make the difference.

Top Trends in Jewelry for Spring / Summer 2018:
What are the types of jewelry that will be worn in the spring and summer season? Check out the list of top trends in trends and get ideas!

1. Transparent jewelery

Transparencies and transparent plastic clothes, shoes and bags will be everywhere this season. So to complete a transparent set in the best way you can follow one of the top trends in Spring / Summer 2018 accessories that wants jewelry to be transparent and often reminiscent of water drops.

These transparent plastic earrings, bracelets and necklaces are a very interesting idea to combine the transparent PVC clothing of the season and not only. Keep also a transparent bag that is top trend in the bags for the season and finish with a transparent plastic shoe.

2. Jewelery - architectural artworks

Sensible will make their presence and jewels that resemble architectural artworks. Earrings made of stones and "wire" that create irregularly striking shapes will be must for the season. Whether farther or smallest, these earrings fit perfectly with a chic dress.

3. Earrings reminiscent of chandelier and jewelry in baroque style

τάσεις στα αξεσουάρ για την Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2018

Yet another glamorous concept presented in the top trends in spring / summer 2018 accessories is the "polyolefin" earrings. These are long-haired earrings decorated with rhinestones and swarovski that can be combined beautifully with your little black dress and take off, as with any simple evening or formal dress you choose.

Equally striking is the return of Baroque style to jewelry. Bright necklaces, earrings, bracelets and crowns have completed the stylistic proposals of the famous fashion houses on the Spring / Summer 2018 catwalks. These are accessories that combine stones, gemstones and rhinestones - swarovski in the unique and special way of baroque style has an imposing and pompous style. These jewelry exudes the air of that time and the luxury that accompanies them.

So if you choose to wear some of these luxurious jewels with a simple set, you can combine them with beautiful shoes decorated with rhinestones, swarovski, stones and glitter that are one of the top trends in shoes for the Spring / Summer 2018.